During our last trip to Rome we went to a very cute and cool fish place in Trastevere where between many fish options we spot this interesting sandwich with tuna!

At the first bite we’ve been already screaming of happiness of how delicious it was and decided as soon as we come back home to try this recipe and share it with you! And oh, if you gonna love it!

For these hot days it’s a perfect option for dinner or lunch, as it’s very quick to make so you don’t have to spend hours over pots and it’s fresh and delicious, exactly what we are looking for with almost 38C outside.




Pesto genovese


Fresh fish ( tuna or swordfish )

Olive oil

Lime or lemon

We love quick and simple recipes, and this sandwich is one of these, by the photos you can already see step by step instructions on how to make it, it’s very intuitive but let’s anyway make a recap! Remember that the most important thing in this kind of simple recipes is that the ingredients has to be very genuine and fresh, since there are no sauces and cooking the taste of your final plate will depend totally on how good are your ingredients.

First step, is to make all the ingredients ready. Cute the bred in two slices, then cut tomatoes into little squares and also the fish filet.

The fish has to be fresh, it’s up to you if you prefer tuna or swordfish, we made them both and they both were delicious.

On the low slice of bred put first two tea spoons of pesto ( our was ready but we soon will share with you the recipe of this famous italian sauce ), then tomatoes and burrata and the last is the fish!

Then add a bit of olive oil and some lime juice!

A glass of rosé and it’s ready!


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