EL MATADOR BEACH, Los Angeles – photo story

El Matador beach is one of the biggest beaches close to Malibu, and one of the most popular for its incredibly breathtaking sunsets. 

We couldn’t miss it, of course!

The beach is very easy to find and the road to get there is very beautiful and charming; Malibu, hills and the ocean. 

When you get there there is parking for the cars, which can be pretty busy sometimes, so chose your day at the beach carefully to avoid lines of cars waiting for a place. 

A long wooden stairs will take you directly to the beach, we’ve been speechless in front of all that beauty as the sun started to get down. Many people were leaving as the cold was coming but a few of the cute couples were getting married on the beach adding even more romanticism to that already romantic moment of the day. 

The beach is big, closed on one side by the ocean and on the other by the cliff, while in the middle of the beach different rocks with arches and caves were used as the background for photoshoots of different photographer and tourist which got there in meantime attracted by that magical light. 

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