vanilla iced coffe recipe

Since the beginning of the new Models Jam we’ve been trying to offer you the most inspiring and complete magazine you can ask for. We expanded our magazine with so many new topics, as interviews, travels, inspirations, fashion history and so much more, here is the time for another addition, a topic which is very interesting for us and we are sure for you too!
Since today we gonna share with you our favorite recipes, healthy food but also some traditional italian recipes and drinks!

As italians we decided to start with something very italian, a coffee but in a summer version of it, VANILLA ICED COFFEE!

It’s extremely easy to make with just a bunch of ingredients but you will treat yourself or your friends with something extremely delicious, something you gonna love during the hot summer days!

vanilla iced coffe recipe

one espresso x 1 person


vanilla syrup

liquid cane sugar ( optional )

cup shaped glass

cocktail shaker

First make an espresso for every drink you gonna make ( 1 x 1 person / 3 x 3 persons ). Then add the coffee and the vanilla syrup to the cocktail shaker and shake it all! You can also add the liquid cane sugar to make it sweeter.

Use a cup-shaped glass with ice for your iced coffee.

To make it even prettier you can add vanilla sticks.


vanilla iced coffe recipe
vanilla iced coffe recipe
vanilla iced coffe recipe
vanilla iced coffe recipe
vanilla iced coffe recipe
vanilla iced coffe recipe

Photography and text by Models Jam team.

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