How did your love for Paris begin?

Paris have always been the most beautiful and romantic city for me. It was the first place I travelled to as a model. So it’s kind of where everything started for me.

When you just walk around in the small streets and can feel the atmosphere and look at the beautiful buildings. Sit on the small cafes and have a coffee and watch the people there are walking by. The smell from the bakeries. I just love Paris!


What are your favorite areas?

It’s really hard to say, because I love so many places. But specially one of the places I love is Luxembourg Park. Just grab a coffee and walk around and be in yourself. It’s really nice when you have busy days, to go there and just feel free and relax.

And your fav places for eating?

Everywhere with croissants !!!!

Is there any period of the year when you like the city the most?

It’s depends how you see it! The city will always be beautiful to me, but of course the best time is when it’s spring time, I think. Not too cold and too hot.


Which are your other fav cities you’ve been?

It’s no secret. New York is for sure one of my favorite cities!!!

Is there anything you miss of your country when you’re in Paris?

Yes the Danish food 😋 They have good food in Paris, but the food from home is always best! Specially my moms food!!!

If you could do your dream-shooting in Paris,where is it going to be?

There are so many interesting places in Paris, but for sure in the front of the Eiffel Tower or at Grand Palais!




Marie Louise Wedel photographed by Pier Grassano in Paris

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