You’re considered one of the most stylish models out there, how do you usually pick up an outfit?

I start by checking the weather 🙂 I love fashion but there’s no outfit worth suffering from cold . I usually mix easy with eccentric. If I wear jeans and sneakers the  coat or bag are the elements I like to take risk on. Colorful patterns or interesting shapes are what I’m searching for.

Are you interested in vintage shopping or you prefer the latest cool items?

I do like vintage clothes. Washed out t-shirts or skirts are a big part of my closet. Lately I bought an amazing Japanese kimono  in Paris . That being said I pay a lot of attention to the fabric  quality  and some fabulous vintage pieces are unfortunately made out of polyester. That’s a no go for me.

We like the way which usually polish models are ambassadors for polish designers giving them international exposure, do you have any hot brands to suggest us to follow?

Of course! I love Magda Butrym’s projects she’s incredible talented. Moreover polish brand MMC with their casual design or Łukasz Jemioł that is also a dear friend.

Is fashion industry becoming bigger in Poland?

Yes! It’s growing very fast! I love to see how each year shows are bigger, they get international attention and press. More and more luxurious brands come to Poland , advertisers are showing up . I think it’s a very exciting moment for polish fashion scene

What’s the difference between life in New York and in Warsaw?

Life in NY is faster less predictable and more stressful;) I love both and I think Warsaw is def a spot to visit on the map of Europe. Cool bars restaurants etc . I highly recommend visiting !!


NEW YORK, 2017

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