We have been spotting around Paolo Roldan many times during the men’s fashion weeks in Milano, where he’ve been walking for Armani and all the biggest designers. He is one of the most photographed guys on the streets due to his distinctive personal style and that bad boy vibe while smoking a sigaret.

This time we met him in Harlem, New York, and while he was showing us the area, we had a talk with him about streetstyle from the male models point of view

Hello Paolo, you are part of the not so big group of male models with a strong and unique streetstyle, far from the stereotype of jeans + t-shirt that sometimes is over-seen among your colleagues. How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style stems from a combination of all the things I’ve seen and tried with fashion throughout my life. I mix what I think would compliment each other and I often let my mood set the tone for how I will dress for the day.

Do you think streetstyle is nowadays something which can help a model’s career? for example through social medias, or brands who can collaborate with you…

Most definitely…it sets you apart and helps the casting directors/designers decide how you fit in with their vision. It helps with how you’ll tackle your tasks as well…I always say, when you look good, you feel good…when you feel good, nothing can disrupt your flow.
As far as social media goes it always helps. It can inspire and potentially have brands approach you. It adds to the charm and individuality to your domain. It’s also a way to expand business and opportunities…when done right of course.

Do you spend a lot of time in shopping or in looking for particular items for your looks?

When I have time to shop and look for inspiration I take advantage of it. I like to do the running around and finding gems. It’s just a different experience when you’re there feeling, trying and seeing the clothing in person. I have friends that are shop owners and they give me a heads up if they’ve come across some pieces they think I’d like. Sometimes I have a particular thing in mind so I search for it or ask around. For the most part it happens organically…I always joke and say it’s meant to be. Which in most cases I believe it to be LOL

Is there any city between the ones you are visiting for works who inspires you more about style? and why?

None in particular really…all have their own way of inspiring me. When I’m visiting or working in a different city anything can spark inspiration…it’s not just about the clothes for me.

I read that you would like to have your own clothing company, which mood would you like to put in it?

Yes I would…but I’ll leave this and would rather just show it once it starts to happen. Moods change and fashion changes…I’d rather wait 🙂

Big brands, emerging designers or vintage?

All of the above…everyone has something to offer. But my main at the moment is vintage of course with hits designer pieces.

What would you suggest to anyone in need of style to build up a better sense of aesthetics?

Try things…it’s like everything you do when you want to get better at something “practice”. It’s all a process/journey…have fun with it and make it your own.

Paolo was photographed by Pierguido Grassano exclusively for Models Jam in Harlem, New York.

Conecpt and editing by Angelica Ardasheva.

All of the clothes are Paolo’s own.




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  1. rebecca tamber says:

    Good luck Paolo in all your beautiful visions. Wish you all the best. God shower you His abundant bkessings. Tita Becky Tamber is so happy and proud of you.

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