How often do you work out?

If I’m home in NY, I usually workout every 2 days- One day on, One day off.

I either go to the gym, or work out with my trainer Julian.


What is your workout routine?

On my own, I start by running at different interval speeds for about 15 minutes. I get bored running at the

gym for too long, but interval training makes it harder and keeps you focused! After that I do 3 to 4 sets of

8 exercises to work out my abs, arms, back and legs.

Do you have a favorite sport?

I like boxing… it feels so good to punch out that extra energy and stress 😉

In the summer I like playing fun sports with my friends like tennis, biking & snorkeling.

The workout has to be enjoyable for you to keep the routine, so don’t push yourself too hard on it.


What would you suggest to a lazy ass like me to stay motivated and keep an active life?

To stay motivated… that is the first reason why I have a trainer! lol Especially in winter. I think the

best is to have a trainer to keep you on track, or to book a group class. Once you book a class, you

will most generally need to go 😉 !

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pier Grassano

New York, 2016

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