“This is my first time styling myself for a shoot – I find it really difficult because there are so many pieces to choose from in a closet. It can get overwhelming but you just need to be picky!”

“I grew up in Valenciennes, the very Northern part of France, and it’s definitely not as happening as Paris – but it has so much charm and history which I really miss. People are usually scared to travel up there but my hometown is actually really welcoming and it’s not as cold as you’d think. And it’s only two hours from Paris!”

“The best part of my childhood was growing up next to the fields, and every weekend we would go on long walks within them or along the river. That’s something I still do when I go back home to visit.”

“I really miss the simple things, from reconnecting with nature to enjoying the little things such as seeing a hare, a hedgehog or a doe – just because it’s so rare in New York City.”

“There are so many cities that I love in Europe. But despite all my traveling, the city that I love the most would still be Paris. Even if it’s not home for me, this city is so magical. It makes me feel like I’m in a black-and-white movie all the time. I can’t stop looking at the architectures whenever I visit ! I also love to drink my coffee on terraces and read in parks. I think I’m being too French now, I should stop haha!”

“I really love living in East Village, which is happening all the time yet not too crazy because my block is surrounded by trees. I love the community feeling of my neighborhood as well, and I don’t really feel the hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan except for the occasional sirens which all New Yorkers love…”

“My favorite place to hang out is Ost Café because I like how intimate and cozy it is with the mosaic floors. Then I enjoy going to Tompkins Square Park or East River Park with my dog – it makes me happy that he is happy!”

“I don’t really have fashion secrets per se. My tip would be to wear whatever you feel amazing in – it doesn’t matter if it’s high-end or vintage. However, I personally don’t mix more than three colors together, except when it looks really, really good.”

“There are times when I put together an outfit and then I see it on the runway the next season – I love when that happens!”

“I usually like to stop by a random shop – to me that’s how I usually find my best pieces. Otherwise, I love to shop vintage at Beacon’s Closet or Awoke Vintage where I found an amazing electric blue Dior jacket. Malin Landaeus in Williamsburg is a really great shop as well. I prefer to shop vintage in Brooklyn where I used to live last year. But I’m still hunting for the ‘perfect shop’ here in Manhattan.”

“The one thing I can’t live without is my bag. I think a quality bag adds so much character to a simple look and is something essential for a woman to have. I prefer designer bags that withstand the test of time for that reason.”

TEXT: Claire from TheSociety

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pier Grassano

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