Pier met for the first time Aneta during Elite Model Look of 2015 which took place in Milano.

After almost a year we’ve been all in London, so on a gloomy morning we decided to meet at Hide Park to shoot some photos, to talk and watch dog playing.

Aneta is beyond gorgeous and has an amazing natural grace and elegance while posing in front of Pier’s camera, check the full story below!

PHOTOGRAPHY & INTERVIEW // Pierguido Grassano

STYLING & STORY // Angelica Ardasheva



How did you get involved into Elite Model Look?

I was in shopping center and there was casting for Elite Model Look Czech Republic. Saša Jány, who is director of Elite Prague and Elite Bratislava, saw me and asked me if I want to try it. I never wanted to be a model, but I tried it and now I love it!

How would you describe your experience there?

Elite Model Look Czech Republic 2015 held in Prague. We had boot camp one week. We had catwalk training everyday. Then we had big show at Prague Castle. That was awesome. On world final there were so many girls and boys. Everyone was so nice and I met there so many great people. I’m really glad that I could be there.

Did you make good friends there?

I made there so many good friends and I’m really glad that I had the chance to met them.

Can you describe the experience of being so young and be traveling abroad far from home?

I was in Barcelona, Milan, London and in Portugal for fashion week, which was in Lisbon and in Porto. I had my first journey except EML when I was fifteen. I was scared of flying, but now it’s okay. My second trip was to Milan. And I was there for almost two months. I didn’t miss my family so much, because Milan became my second home.
I’m model just one year, but it had happened to me that they lost my suitcase in Munich, because I had interlanding there. Then I wanted to checkin in the hotel, but they hadn’t my name there so I had to wait 3 hours on reception. At evening I got my room so I unpacked my stuffs and went to sleep. At 2 am I heard some noise, there were two girls in my room. And guess what? That wasn’t my room! 😀 They made a mistake. Despite all the small complications I’m really enjoying this work.

Which city among the ones you visited you liked the most and why.

I like every city, where I was. But my love is Milan. I was there in summer for almost two months. Milan is so beautiful city and I have there really good friends. I just need to say: Ti amo Milano!

Do you have any model from the present or from the past you see like an inspiration?

As I said I never wanted to be a model. So I have no inspiration in present or past models. I just want to be myself, but I really like Karolina Kurková.


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