From being discovered at a Rolling Stones concert (Renee Russo) or working at a
hot dog stand in Staten Island (Patti Hansen) the possibilities were endless.

For other models like Jerry Hall, who took her career fate by her hands, at the age
of sixteen decided to go to France to be discovered, which came true and in a
matter of a few weeks she was already working with photographer Helmut Newton.
Also influenced by the status of “Rockstar”; she got married to the king of retro sensuality, Mick Jagger.
Rockers and models, began to be a new trend and a near-lethal combination. There were other more exotic unions like Iman (who was studying politics at the university while she was discovered on the streets of Nairobi) and Bowie, everyone was delirious to see the exuberant and eccentric
couple at the parties and fashion shows.
Another girl who took her fate with her own hands was the model Beverly Johnson,
who was rejected many times by magazines, designers and agencies, at the same
time began to change the perspectives of beauty and thanks to designers like Yves
Saint Laurent and the racial inclusion on his runways, Johnson was coveted in the

It was obvious that being a model was a big deal, no more just a mannequin or
pretty face, the path for a life and career build by themselves or their agencies was
the rule. From now on not only they would show us the new collections or makeup
trends but we will know more about their lives and put them in a pedestal of a
celebrity status, the next generation would not only follow the path but put
themselves higher to reach, like the last handbag of the season.

In the eighties the age of the models was reduced to an angelic face, Brooke
Shields arrived and showed up in all corners, a multi talented young lady who did
not captured any bad angle.

These two decades would dictate the fate of thisprofession for what would later be the era of the Holy Trinity of Chrissy, Naomi and Linda and dynamic duos such as Schiffer and Crawford which would fill the
editorials full of energy and unstoppable force, they made their own brands, with
TV shows, music videos, commercials, workout dvds, being at every party scene, it
was the glorious time to enjoy your fame that you worked hard for.
They would return to the Olympus from where we would all admire them as the unattainable in
the Mecca of fashion and a new rebellious generation was making its way, a
skinnier, grunge looking and i don’t care attitude was around to blow up in the next

Nowadays the formulas to become a model are sometimes uncertain, not all roads
arrive to it. What would you do if you get scouted by an agency in the
supermarket? I hope you always carry a Revlon lipstick, flush and lashes by the
time Zeus arrives with an Elite Model card.

Author Viviana P.

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