How would you describe your job?
I always say that I’m a professional human being haha. It’s part of my character that I can monetize anything I love doing as a hobby. I love taking photographs, I love fashion, I love shooting (as a model with brands I love), I love art, I love music, I love making videos and talking and sharing ideas and philosophies and perhaps being that person that makes people more open-minded and think differently than how they were raised. I do everything! 🙂 I think it’s very open to interpretation. I never label myself as a “fashion blogger” or “model” or “Youtuber” because I’m none of those things – I’m just me!

…and if your interlocutor would be your grandma?

“Grandma… I work on the internet.” I’d keep it simple haha

How and why did you approached blogging?

When I was 12 years old, Youtube just opened, and I made videos with my friends pretending to have a tv show. We would just make creative skits online. Then I found fashion bloggers on flickr (yes, this was a very very long time ago) and that really inspired me to turn my youtube channel into a daily diary with a  fashion focus.


Which is your favorite art?

That’s really hard, but probably music. I think music is the most beautiful form of expression.

You just received the Glamour Award for “fashion icon of the year” Women of the year! Congratulations!
How is your relationship with fashion industry?

Thank you! I work with a lot of my favorite designers and brands as a model, and I post those photos on instagram for my followers to gage inspiration, and for myself to express what I’m feeling.

Are you more into big fashion names or you are looking for more particular and small independent labels?

I’m most into vintage! I think the most admirable outfits are not the ones with brand names or designer labels, but the one’s where you get this energy from the girl that she is confident, she is cool as hell, and she knows who she is. Usually this girl is wearing vintage, probably isn’t even trying to make herself look nice – she just radiates “coolness”. That’s what I’m into.

Where do you like to shop?

Vintage stores are the best! I also love places like Opening Ceremony for inspiration, The Real Real for vintage consignment designer pieces, filles a papa, stylenanda is an amazing korean place I buy a lot of my clothes. And enfantes riches depresmes. That kind of style. Rough, edgy, torn up clothes.

Your favorite food and drinks?

I lived in LA for two years, so being in NYC now is kind of struggle. I miss all the crazy creative alchemic raw vegan paleo- so on and so on foods in LA! I’m obsessed with Kombucha, so we should start with that! I drink like three bottles of Kombucha a day, and have since I was 15 years old. I also love “healthier” ice cream with protein, and seafood I love as well! If I like a food- I’ll eat it every day for breakfast lunch and dinner for a year. No joke. Probably very unhealthy haha

What is the music for you?

My music taste is very eclectic. I love everything – as long as it has a melody that I love. Our brains are actually programmed in a way… when we hear a song, our brain is already expecting the next beat to sound a certain way. You know when you hear a song, and every single minute is PERFECT? That’s the music I love! I love acoustic, piano, garage, house, chill  house, remixed dancy music, classic music, r&b, everything!

Are you more loyal to a music band, a genre of music or it doesn’t matter, is it mostly about the feelings it’s gave to you?

No – it’s definitely all about the feeling it gives you. My favorite songs are the ones, when I’m walking in New York to a meeting with my music, and if the music makes me feel like I’m flying- that’s the feeling I’m looking for. Almost like… music that makes you feel like you’re high.

Your little playlist of 5 songs you listen right now?

RUFUS- daylight
Future- Selfish
WDL- Cashmere
Halsey- Gasoline (Oscar’s Remix)
Jan Blomqvist- Back in the taxi

You just moved to NY, is it your place?

My place is sleeping in the airplane! I feel most at peace when I am in motion. On a train, in a car, in a plane… that’s my home. NYC is very inspiring to be in, the energy here makes me feel alive. So right now- it is my place I guess 🙂 I believe in divine timing!
Everybody is exactly where they need to be at the current moment.

Which is your dream place to visit?

My dream place to visit is any country in central Africa. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to go on a volunteer trip to Africa to help build schools, teach students, and be very hands on in helping third world countries. 🙂




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