There’s something thrilling about looking up to 90’s fashion and celebrity icons, retro looking pictures that captured the beautifully essense of glamorous and casual moments, but rarely we stop to read these characters stories or even their really good quotable words.

But It looks like in the 80’s Sharon Stone’s hair was an allstar by itself, from the Diet Sprite commercial, where the guy she’s dating has an existential crisis, questioning whether she wanted to change him, her hair or her drink of choice (hint, it’s the latter!) and her all retro hairstyle thanks to the Finesse shampoo. Clearly her blonde locks was ‘’where it’s at’’ in the era.

Sharon Stone is totally recognizable for her style: Elegant and sexy yet threatening everyone with her really sharp mind, she is an unstoppable force no matter if she is just wearing an all white look or carrying a 45 pounds sequinned dress.

She went from a model career in the big apple (She signed with Ford Models Agency) then moved to europe. While living there she decided to quit modeling and become an actress, she said ‘’I packed my bags, moved back to New York, and stood in line to be extra in a Woody Allen movie’’ and even though her part was very little in Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, her career just went up from there.

Her sex appeal made her into a magnetic icon. Ten years later, the movie Basic Instinct and it’s very famous scene, made her and her legs an instant and letal weapon. Her strong and unstoppable persona took her into Valentino’s super sexy 1994’s Spring/Summer collection, she closed the show wearing a very short wedding gown walking down the runway with Valentino himself by her side.

Not only she rocks the looks, the acting and the social responsabilities (she’s an AIDS activist and Peace Summit Award winner) she also gives really good advices: ‘’I don’t take myself very seriously. I like to make people laugh. You know, it’s life, if a woman can’t be happy for another woman’s work, they have to go work on that.’’

It really makes you wish Sharon Stone were your (fairy) godmother!



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