How to feel a 100% of that fashion week vibe without really being a part of the fashion industry? The secret is easy, go to the right places!

There is a funny thing about those cities of the fashion weeks and it’s that during this period they become  little villages where everybody is going to the same places at the same time. The main reason is that during the fashion week people don’t really have time to explore the cities and try new places for coffee and for shopping, they are there for work, so basically there is no time “ to discover”.
But this creates those cool and trusted places filled with the most stylish people, bars where you can have a coffee just next to a it-girl or having a dinner next to the table of Riccardo Tisci and his gang.
So even without being really a part of the fashion industry you can totally feel the vibe of that glamorous and exciting atmosphere!

So here it is the guide of the fashion week places in Milano !


Via Monte Napoleone 9, Milano

I’m sure that during the fashion week and non you saw many many instagram photos of green velvet sofas and extremely delicious pastries, well they are from this place.
There are three locations of this bar, one in Montenapoleone, one in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and the original one in via Santa Maria alla Porta, but we prefer the first location.
Here you can find many people from the fashion industry having a coffee in a very early morning, but also the elite of Milano which really gives to that place a very chic milanese vibe.
Take a coffee with some pastries or fresh made brioche, just be careful about the prices which are different if you want to sit or you take the coffee by the bar.


Largo Isarco 2, Milano

This bar is part of Fondazione Prada, designed by the director Wes Anderson with ’60-’70 vibes.
It’s not right in the center of the city since the place is located in former distillery but is still a very beloved place for editors and photographers, of course if there are morning appointments taking you there.
Don’t miss that slice of pink cake which is so instagram popular and so delicious!


Corso Venezia 21, Milano

Check the schedule of the fashion week and if the location of the fashion show it’s at Palazzo Serbelloni, especially if close to the lunch time, go directly to this place!
It’s a little bar which serves from coffee, to fresh made juices and heavenly delicious pizza and focaccia.
It’s no a chic place, it’s very easy and there is no service to the table. But literally everyone will be there, the place will be fuller of fashion people than of pizza slices!


Via Guglielmo Marconi 1, Milano

What everybody knows about Italia is that the food here is absolutely on another lever, there is no country of this world with such a delicious cuisine. And getting your tummy fully with all the kind of pasta and seafood and tiramisu, it’s something obligatory when you come here, even if it’s Milano fw baby!

At Giacomo’s you can find all those deliciousness with a breathtaking view over Duomo as a side. Easily you will find yourself sitting next to Miroslava Duma or Chiara Ferragni, but make sure that the place is not reserved for some exclusive dinner. Many brands and magazines love to organize a private events here for their guests.


Via Santo Spirito 10, Milano

This place is in the heart of Quadrilatero della moda and has absolutely amazing location, as well as the food.
During the fashion week the industry people don’t really have time for a proper lunch as the schedule of the shows/ events/ presentation is really full but if anyone has that extra hour immediately comes here (psss it’s favorite place of Robert Cavalli!). But check out first the availability of the table, I told you, people loves it!


Via G. Keplero 2, Milano

Via San Gerolomo Emiliani 2, Milano

This japanese restaurant is absolutely one of the coolest places of MFW. The food is extremely good ( not so the check) and after the dinner you definitely can scream “everybody was there!”



No need to say that Quadrilatero della moda is the place to be, the only name says it all. Many presentations and showrooms are in these streets so have a walk in Via Montenapoleone and Via del Gesu and all the little streets connected.
It’s not just the right place for shopping but also the best place to meet someone cool on the streets as your favorite blogger, maybe running from one presentation to another.


Brera is another very cozy and cool district of Milano, probably the most beautiful Milano. Yellow shades houses and greenery all over them. You gonna love it!


What about Night life in Milano since there are so many events and parties hosted by famous djs or fashion houses, there are not really places where you really have to go to find someone form the fashion industry, but simply do as all italians does, keep your dinner longer with infinite talks and bottle of red wines!

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