Kate Moss was born in Croydon, Surrey on January 16, 1974, that day the world stopped, angels came down, the planets aligned and everything was beautiful, but all jokes aside here’s some fantastic facts about this magical creature!

  • At the age of fourteen she was discovered at J.F.K Airport in New York city by Sarah Doukas (Founder of Storm Model Management)
  • Calvin Klein and her works with the brand made her into a fashion icon thanks to the very sensual, teenage dreams campaigns (Hello, Marky Mark!)
  • When she arrived to the fashion industry it was at the point when the era of the supermodels was ending and a new one was born, the ‘’heroin chic’’ trend in the early 1990’s
  • She’s been claimed the muse of too many artists, photographers, designers, musicians and such. Being this so true that she have one song called after her (Rasputina’s band in their 1996 album called ‘’Thanks for the Ether’’) and her named has also appeared in popular songs.
  • Speaking of music, she has also participated in music videos  from Elton John’s ‘’Something about the way you look tonight’’, Paul McCartney ‘’Queenie eye’’ to Oasis’s ‘’Don’t go away’’
  • Her favorite perfume/scent it’s L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain and favorite movie is Splendor on the grass
  • She has worn many of David Bowie’s  original costumes for fashion editorials and awards.
  • Artist Marc Quinn made a statue of Moss worth $2.8M made of 18 carat gold for a British Museum exhibition, it is said to be the largest gold statue since the era of ancient Egypt (!!!)
  • Two of the most important awards she has received are the British Fashion Award (2013) whom recognized her contribution to the fashion industry during her long career and the Council of Fashion designers of America’s fashion gave her the style influence award.
  • Many important voices inside fashion have called the model to be like a ‘’chameleon’’ or ‘’chamaleonic’’ since she can be sutil, romantic and edgy, strong and  with a rockstar attitude at the same time
  • Stefano Gabbana called her ‘’A true icon, an English rose’’
  • She’s currently married to The Kills guitarist, Jamie Hince.
  • In an recent article she claimed that one of her favorite objects on her house is her playboy bunny ears, given to her when she covered the 60th anniversary issue of the magazine in December, 2013
  • Many designers claim that she has been their muse for many collections but she came very close with three well known designers, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs.
  • You can thank her for making ballet flats, denim cutoff shorts, skinny jeans, Alexander McQueen’s skull scarf, waistcoat and Vivienne Westwood’s pirate boots popular trends
  • Look up for her name on the British Vogue, not just for her modelling work but for her contributing as fashion editor on many issues.
  • Supreme, Mango and Topshop have worked alongside with Moss on several campaigns and collections.
  • Its said that her favorite food is sushi!
  • The Face magazine was her first cover ever and then her Vogue cover helped popularize her face.
  • If by now you are not in awe from all her work and importance, she has also collaborated on co-writing songs, to be more exacts she co-wrote with her ex boyfriend Pete Doherty’s (Babyshambles) album ‘’Shotter’s nation’’ on ’You talk, ‘’French Dog Blues’’, ‘’Baddie’s Boogie’’ and ‘’Deft Left Hand’’.

And to end it all, she recently launched her own models agency making her the first ever to take this step, she told the public that she is interested in looking for different and real faces and she has also been stalking people on social media to find unique talent. She is a powerful force that keeps pushing her and everyone around to keep up on the originality and coolness of the moment. Long live the boss, Kate Moss!


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