Waking up in early morning during the weekends and spending whole day  hunting something cool and unique in flea market is something not for everybody, it’s something that you have to truly enjoy if you want to get the best results from this activity aka find you best vintage piece. And if for someone this is a big love, for others it doesn’t make sense, too much work for getting often nothing.
But vintage became very popular lately, it’s a very good option if you can’t spent a crazy amount of money for a trendy Gucci jumper and you want that special piece that not everybody are rocking on the streets and internet.
So what to do?
Thanks to internet, you can avoid all the inconveniences of the vintage hunting and find your vintage pieces online. But where?


Etsy was founded as a community for the young designers and artisans, who were joined by the vintage lovers too. You can find there unique antique jewelry as well as very beautiful vintage pieces.


This is the online shop I mostly recommend for who of you wants to buy a designer vintage piece. Why is it so good? Because before you get the item, this will be checked by the experts in order to give you a perfect and authentic piece!


Ebay was the first one and for many remains the best. It’s huge and full of treasures, but similar to the flea markets, you have to search a lot before find something. Here you have to pay a lot attention to the sellers, always check their reviews and since how long they are on the platform.


This app is the place where fashionistas sell their closets and of course between those, there are vintage lovers who offers incredible pieces at reasonable price. This app was founded in Italy so the biggest part of the sellers are based in this country.


You definitely have to check out this section of Asos, a place created to sell unique pieces from independent labels and vintage boutiques. All the items are shown on real people, frequently with a good styling to use as an inspiration.

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