I am a professional tv watcher but definitely I hate when my fav programmes get cut off by ADV.

This snobbish and selective mood is the reason why when I notice some special ADV I end up with remembering it for ever, because I have the feeling it REALLY captured my attention.

Here I want to share the 5 TV advertisings I consider the best ones in the last years.


1) GATORADE, “the lion and the gazelle”

watch it here

Moving from a classic african tale ( every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the gazelle…), the adv takes you in a magic atmosphere with music and beautiful images, smartly ending giving you the solution about how to run faster…


2) MARTINI, “Portofino”

watch it here

Enjoy Charlize Theron’s debut with this short movie, a black&white story set in italian riviera, vintage vibes and a finale you wouldn’t expect…


3) SUPERGA, “love it or hate it”

watch it here

This is probably my favorite ever, sick, provocative, raw…”and what would I do in her shoes” you will be probably wondering at the end…


4) NIKE, “the switch”

watch it here

Just ones of the dozens Nike’s ADV which became viral due to sport celebs + cool plots.


5) SWATCH, “how long is a swatch minute?”

watch it here

So popular in the 90’s for the combination of hit-song + brand’s reputation, really liked it for the idea of the time seen from different pperspectives and at different speeds.


And do you guys have any favorite ADV?

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