Madison Leyes, my interview for Papermag.

As some of you may know I’m doing some models interviews for Papermag,and for my first issue I wanted to chat with Madison Leyes who I first met last season in Paris at Miu Miu show.I thought she had some very interesting things to tell,so I have the pleasure to introduce her to you.

I know that your last months have been very busy and exciting. How did you spend them?
It’s been incredible —  I was dropped from my regular life into to a totally different world, walking runways, doing castings and traveling around to Milan, Tokyo, Paris and New York.
And which city have you enjoyed the best?
I’m in love with Milan. I’ve been living here for the last five months. It’s wonderful. Milan’s in between feeling like a town and a city — it’s big, but livable. I never use the subway, I just ride the street cars. I like waking up earlier and taking a long tram trip where I can enjoy the view, rather than traveling 10 minutes underground. People always tell me that Italian cities like Florence, Rome and Venice are more beautiful, and maybe that’s true, but Milan is still my favorite.

What idea did you have of the fashion world before joining the industry?
Honestly, I didn’t have one. I never thought about fashion, but now I’m able to see just how much hard work and time goes into every collection by designers. 
Was modeling one of your goals? Or would you rather be doing something else?
When I was little, I dreamed of being an actress or a director. I’d still like to be a director. My family is very passionate about visual arts. My mother  is a painter and my dad is a photographer. My dad got me into watching movies when I was pretty young. I loved watchingSpartacus when I was 10. My dad actually studied film-photography and he’d always stop the movie to show me all the particulars.
Who’s your favorite director?
Paul Thomas Anderson. 
This year has been so crazy for you. Any standout moments?
My birthday in December. I was here in Milan with my roommates, my friends and my father.
Another moment, of course, was when I was chosen to work for Prada. My agent in Toronto told me I was walking in the show and it was unbelievable. I was overwhelmed and just trying to take it all in and  another guy from the agency said, “She’s having her Prada moment”.
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